2017 Player Assessments


Next Assessment Day coming January 2018!

Our initial assessment day has been set for September 16 , 2017 . Our goal in this process is to get a sense of who will be returning for the upcoming year and to start developing the programs.

As we discussed at our last parents meeting, we are working towards two year age groupings and looking to develop larger pools of players. Under a new structure, we will have an individual focused on building the groups schedule, working closely with the coaching staff of each group to build the proper schedule for the players, including what league to play in, what exhibitions to set up, what additional events and what tournaments to play in.

With an early idea of numbers and group make up, we will start this fall in putting the programs together. We know that some players are busy with new sports and winter schedules. If you can not attend the dates and times listed below, please send Courtney an email at admin@slusoccerclub.ca and provide her with the registration details and reason you can not make it. We will add your child to the list.

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