Learn to Play / Play to Learn Fall Futsal

Futbol_de_salonLearn to Play / Play to Learn Futsal Program

Learn to Play Training program and Futsal “Guided League” Play.

Learn to Play sessions will focus on individual technique – 1 player / 1 ball for the entire session. Players will receive a technical challenge each week for homework and to measure improvement.

Play to Learn Guided League will consist of 15 minute technically oriented warm-up and then two 16(+) minutes halves of play with a 2-3 minute technical/tactical review by the coaches at the end. Maximum registration of 20 will ensure maximum playing timing in 5 a side play. No standings or scores will be kept but players will be tracked individually using a “Dutch Tournament” format to enable balancing teams from week to week.

Gym A (Large Gym)
6-7 U10 Futsal Play to Learn
7-8 U12 Futsal Play to Learn
8-9 U15 Futsal Play to Learn

Gym B (Small Gym)
6-7 U12 Learn to Play Training Program
7-8 U15 Learn to Play Training Program
8-9 U12+ Goalkeeper Development Program

Four Corners of Development Objectives: Of the four corners of development (Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social) the two primary concerns in the fall season are physiological and social. Players should be enjoying their soccer in a low stress environment which encourages learning and experimentation technically and tactically.

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